Learn to Ski Workshop

In an effort to respond to the recent xc ski boom, the Sandilands Ski club is changing it's Learn to Ski programing from a child centric Jackrabbits program to an all ages one day workshop approach.

Workshops are designed for beginner skiers of all ages to develop the necessary skills for a winter of fun on the trails. Kids, families, and new skiers of all ages will learn a progression of skills in a group format using games and exercises led by certified coaches from our Jackrabbits program.

skills based learning

What You Learn

  • Essential Warm Up strategies
  • Kick and Glide Technique
  • How to Pole Properly
  • Hill Climbing Technique
  • Hill Descending Skills
  • How to Recover after a Fall


$10 per person per session

$25 per family per session


Quarry Oaks Golf Course

The program is delivered by volunteers, trained under the Cross Country Canada – Community Coach Program.  This is part of the national coaching certification program used by all sports in Canada.

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