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Sandilands forest

Main Parking Lot on Hwy 210

Park here to access trails that are hillier. 

Yellow Parking Lot on Hwy. 404

Park here to access flatter, easier trails. See specifics below.

Trail Difficulty

The updated trail map has attempted to address trail difficulty by identifying segments of trail and rating them according to their difficulty. The designation is only a suggestion, and skiers should expect some variation within a designation. Here are some tips when choosing where to ski. 

Flat trail is easiest for beginners.  Climbing hills can easily overwhelm and frustrate beginning skiers. With experience, hills become the best part about skiing Sandilands! Segments with a green dot have flatter terrain. 

The terrain nearest the Main Parking Lot has more hills. The easiest place for beginners to ski is to start at the Yellow Parking Lot, and head South on the Green towards the southern warming hut. 

Trail Info

The groomer is semi-retired from his day job, so grooming can occur on any given day now. Check here for latest.

Trail map

New Updated Trail Map as of 2023. Download the map by clicking the icon on the right.

Trail Name Last Groomed
Red Trail
Feb. 28th
Orange Loop
Feb. 28th
Purple Loop
Mar. 7
Green Loop
Mar. 7
Grey Loop
Mar. 7
Grey Connector
Mar. 7
Yellow Loop
Feb. 14
Blue Trail
Not groomed
Mar. 7

Quarry Oaks

Trail map

Download the TRAIL MAP by clicking icon to the right.

Trail Name Last Groomed
Mar. 7
Skate Trail
Mar. 7

Fly in golf course

Trail map

Download the map by clicking the icon on the right.

Trail Name Last Groomed
Fly in Golf
Mar. 8th

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