Jackrabbits… with Sandilands Ski Club

Since Winter 2013-14


Jackrabbits is a family centered program which is designed to introduce children to the sport of cross-country skiing and a healthy lifestyle associated with it.  A cross-country ski experience will:

-help children to develop a positive self-image

-be fun

-provide children an opportunity to make ski friends

-develop their skills, balance, technique and fundamentals of cross-country skiing through a series of games and relays

-help develop an awareness and appreciation of our natural environment


The Jackrabbit program is built on Stages of Long Term Athlete Development:


Active Start stage

Bunny Rabbits, five and under, acquire the fundamental movement skills  that lay the foundation for more complex movements.  They learn through active play.


FUNdamentals stage

Jack Rabbits, six-nine years, master the fundamental movement skills.  Motor development is emphasized and cross country skiing skills are learned.


Learning to train stage

Track Attack, ten-12 years, are able to acquire  general sports skills that will be the cornerstone of their athletic development.  Fitness becomes increasingly important.


The advancement through the groups is based not necessarily on age level but the progression of ability in skiing.  The Active Start, FUNdamentals, and Learning to Train stages encourage physical literacy and Sport for all.


The ski program advances through four other stages which lead to a lifelong physical activity.


The program is delivered by volunteers, trained under the Cross Country Canada - Community Coach Program.  This is part of the national coaching certification program used by all sports in Canada.