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Trail Notes:


Feb 24, 2107

The grey from the 210 to the grey connector to the green.

The green from the 404 to the black and the black.

Small green loop by back warming hut.

The above trails have been made useable but not great after a bunch of hard work. Play safe.


(Jan 28, 2017) Nothing new to say except, crazy year. We've had a full year of snow and then "March". Maybe February is coming.


(Jan 15, 2017) Green and Purple were groomed last night. Black trail still drifted shut. Lots of hard work by groomers.


(2017-01-14) I know everyone is waiting for trail updates and you will get them when I get them, usually within minutes. Fact is, with the amount of snow combined with some equipment break downs (still waiting for parts) and falling trees... (12 trees and more than 10 hours Friday) Things are what they are! I am assured that the volunteers are working very hard and hope to have a bunch more groomed by Sunday Jan 15. I suspect that if money fell like snow, new and bigger equipment would help on a year like this, but do nothing for those years we have no snow. (Bunch of work has also been going into the Red but between trees and snow progress is slow, but not because of the people)